testing, testing

The Lab at Silver Eye | August - October 2018

testing, testing honored a space for trying, failing, and trying again—without any guarantee of success. Selena Hurst and Emma Vescio invited 7 artists to present work that is not yet resolved, and which welcomes questions, critique and constructive feedback. The resulting exhibition is an opportunity for viewers to observe and participate in the experimental phase of the artistic process.

Untitled (Self)
Ink on Velour

Untitled (Zay)
Ink on Velour

Interactive presentation
Jessica’s Lucky Charms, 2018
Digital Contact Sheets On Adhesive Vinyl
18in x 24in

Reflections in a Locally Specular Manner
Lenticular Photo Print

Sun King
2 Color Risograph Print
Edition of 50

2 Color Risograph Print
Edition of 50

(From Left to Right)

VANIA EVANGELIQUE                                  KATIE KRULOCK
PAST//PRESENT                                                Sepulcher of Desire
Photo Transfer On Wood                               Medium Format Mixed Media Wood Print


THINK ALOUD (Interactive Presentation), 2018
Found Photographs And Labeled Plastic Bags

“THINK ALOUD is an active participant exercise in visual literacy. What does it mean to dissect an image? If we diagramed images like we did sentences in school, would we have a better understanding of imagery in an image-driven world? This exercise serves to explore our cognitive process and to look at how we gather and interpret information from a photograph. Bringing the often unconscious act of categorizing and defining photographs into a conscious state allows the participant to better understand how they make connections with images and what information, real or contrived, the viewer receives from images. As you sort through and choose photographs, share your process of selection and consider how you are connected with them and with the finished work as a whole”

Marketing (Design by Selena Hurst) and Full Exhibition Shots: