Mirror, Mirror

A group exhibition co-curated with Christina Lee  featuring female/non-binary illustrators from Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Kansas City.

The work explored the tension between high art and low-brow aesthetics through the female/non-binary lens, while highlighting the voices of visual storytellers who are underrepresented by the art world and the world at large. 

Exhibiting artists included: Allison DiPofi, Macartney Greer, Eriko Hattori, Xiola Jensen, Alexandra Lakin, Christina Lee, Atiya Aliyma Jones, Iz Carpenter, Melaney Ann Mitchell, Lacey Hall, Anna Shepperson, Justine Kelley, Jacque Beas, Lizzee Solomon, Ellissa Schatz, Juliet Philips, Steph Neary, Asia Lae Bizzay, and Nicole Rodrigues.